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Gardens in Depth

 Outside Veg   Vegetable Garden

The 100% organic garden, certified by the Soil Association, supplies 90 types of fresh, succulent salads and vegetables to the restaurant during the late spring, summer and autumn. Two acres of beds burst with flavourful varieties both familiar and rare: Swiss chard, spinach, celeriac, purslane, mizuna, Reine de Glace, all overseen by a bronze statue of a scarecrow, modelled on Raymond Blanc himself. 

The garden even produces a variety of salads and vegetables indigenous to South-East Asia, during July to September only, to help provide the kitchen with the exotic flavours needed for Raymond’s cuisine. 
 Herb Garden   Herb Garden

Le Manoir’s vast, aromatic patchwork of herbs is particularly strong on micro-herbs, which are harvested while still young and tender to obtain optimum flavour. 

Jamaican broadleaf thyme, ginger, oriental mustards, amaranths, coriander, sorrel, basil: both the familiar and the exotic can be seen thriving in the outside beds and greenhouses.
Not resting on its laurels, the garden is currently being redesigned with the help of Gloucestershire herb guru Jekka McVicar, who will advise on medicinal and culinary varieties for the stunning new feature.
 Events Mushroom Hunt   Mushroom Valley

In this relatively recent project, delicious edible fungi, including shiitake, maitake and parasol, are being encouraged to grow in an earthy ravine, edged with silver birch and oak, and being cultivated in a “laboratory”, consisting of a hot, dark room and a light, humid one, at the bottom of the valley. 

The gardeners are tasked with understanding exactly how much heat, humidity, darkness and light are needed to produce mushrooms in abundance to satisfy Le Manoir’s menu. They think of it as “a garden of patience” but are achieving amazing results.
 Outside Garden   Cloche Tunnels

At Le Manoir, hundreds of courgettes are grown in cloche tunnels for their flowers, which are often used in Raymond’s delicate cuisine. The variety grown is Milano di Nero, which produces abundant, large blooms—just as well, as the kitchen can use up to 200 flowers a day throughout the summer.
Tender crops such as aubergines, peppers, watercress and early and late season salads are also cultivated in the 68-foot-long cloches.
 Garden Japanese Autumn   Fugetsu-An Tea House

Guests stroll into a hushed retreat when they cross the oak bridge into the Japanese Tea Garden, which blends Buddhist, Taoist and Shinto influences. Stepping stone paths lead to a water basin, in which three large stones represent the Buddhist Trinity (Sanzon Seki) and visitors may pause to pour water over their hands in ritual ablution.
Raymond Blanc was inspired to create the garden after visiting Japan in the early 1990s and falling in love with the country’s aesthetics and design.
 Outside Trees   Orchard

Raymond Blanc’s dream of the last 20 years has been to create orchards full of unusual British species of apples, pears, peaches, plums, quinces, apricots, figs and berries. This project is finally coming to fruition, with some 800 apple and pear trees being planted in April 2011, as well as a fruit hedge containing around 15 varieties of sloes and plums. 

Traditional English methods are being used to create the orchard, which is an exciting, ongoing and environmentally sustainable project.
 Garden Pond   English Water Garden

Fed by natural springs, the gardens were originally dug by the monks who occupied the site in the 16th century and kept fish in them for sustenance. 

Now visitors can enjoy strolling round verdant ponds and tinkling water features, which are home to a variety of water plants and fauna.

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Calendar of Events

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